Web Site & Mobile App Programming

Web Site Interactivity: Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, CFM, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5 and Mobile App programming are usually necessary any time you want to receive information from customers or what to dynamically display changing content.
Without programming, your website can become a stagnant billboard. It’s programming that makes a website interactive. No matter what type of programming – PHP, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, Java, or PERL — they all work through the common gateway interface.
When a person viewing your site uses their phone or computer to browse your website, our custom web site programming translates those events into tangible results. Those results can be just about anything that you can imagine.
Our current price for custom web page programming and custom website developing varies upon the complexity of the project. Remember, your website creates a “store-front” for your customers. With custom web site programming, you can provide your customer or your prospective customer everything that you could normally provide to them if in fact your were actually talking with them one-on-one. Web site programming is what really unlocks your website to the true power of the web. We encourage you to use custom programming whenever practical. In addition, Domain Vortex offers a 20% discount on custom web programming in conjunction with web site design.
Austin Texas Web Design, based in Austin Texas is very experienced and our specialty is integrating database and custom programming within websites. We create large scalable database driven web sites with functionalities like forums, knowledgebase, blogs, content management, e-commerce and search features fully integrated. We guarantee that our custom programming and/or e-commerce integration will grow and can be maintained for the life of your website.

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