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Extensive Search Engine Optimization is the only truly effective method of promoting your website or services on the internet. If your site isn’t carefully optimized for the major search engines, it will not be ranked and no-one will be able to find it. Don’t let all the time and effort you’ve put into designing and creating your website go to waste!
You spent countless hours developing your site, it may take you another 60 to 100 hours to properly optimize your site so that it gets indexed on the search engines. Here at Domain Vortex we will optimize your web site with keyword rich content so that it will improve your rankings on most major search engines. We can also further optimize your website content to specifically reach local markets like Austin, Houston, Dallas, EL Paso or San Antonio areas.
We Provide your Website with Keyword Rich Content
Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! often rank sites based on the content value and having the right amount of good keyword phrases. Our search engine optimization experts can provide your site with the proper content so that it can be easily crawled and indexed. This will help improve your organic search engine results.
We Submit your Website to Search Engines and Directories
More than 90% of all internet users use Internet Directories and Search Engines to quickly find the sites they want. This means that if your Website is not listed in these Search Engines, it probably won’t be found. Just by having your site listed in the Search Engines, your site can be noticed by millions of people around the world.
We Check and Re-optimize Your Website
By regularly updating your site with optimized content, you can dramatically increase your search engine rankings. That’s why we will check and re-optimize your Website every month. This keeps your site fresh in the Search Engines and helps increase your results.
We use Optimization Tools to Fine Tune your Website
We use some of the most current search engine optimization tools to help you further improve your Search Engine Results ranking. You’ll be amazed at how these powerful tools can help optimize your Website.

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