Web Site Maintenance

Even the best designed, most compelling web site needs ongoing review, revision and reinvigoration. Domain Vortex offer web sites maintenance service on sites that we’ve developed and those developed elsewhere.
Domain Vortex offers a comprehensive program to ensure that your site is up-to-date, search engine optimized and fully functional. Our web maintenance includes regular site monitoring with search engines and Internet directories. We also provide traffic analytic reports detailing the results so you know how you’re doing.
The maintenance program depends on the estimated number of hours needed to support the site but most sites range from $500 – 950.00/month. Unspent hours (up to 20% per month) can be banked and over-runs of up to 20% can be borrowed from succeeding months.
Web Site Link Checks
We will continuously check each link on your web site to make sure it’s good and notify you if there is a change or a break so we can fix it before an irate visitor calls you.
Comprehensive Web Site Activity Reporting
This report includes 50 variables such as most popular pages, least popular pages, which search engines are referring to your site, entry page other than the home page (usually due to bookmarks) and much much more.
Web Site Search Engine Optimization
We will re-audit your site with the various search engines and Internet Directories every 30 days to insure your information is current and visibility is optimized.
Custom Web Site Content Updates
We will perform up to 15 hours each month updating written content, graphics, database and code changes on your web site. Additionally we will make suggestions on how to improve your site’s appearance and efficiency.

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